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T-Tape Company

'Truly European quality and innovation'

T-Tape Company is a developer and manufacturer of a full range of low-temperature thermoplastics for medical and veterinary applications. On the world health care market for nearly 30 years, we supply our products to over 70 countries.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

T-Tape Company provides innovative yet flexible solutions in radiation oncology by adapting our Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance processes to the unique needs and demands of the specialists. We offer optimal solutions for patient positioning and immobilization worldwide.



The current state-of-the-art in orthopedic treatments dictates intermittent use of immobilization in combination with limited exercise and physiological stress on the healing area. While patient's cooperation and motivation for physical therapy are important for the overall success of the treatment, splint and brace materials that are being used need to be amenable for rapid application, removal and re-installation.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine

Innovative and unique thermoplastic material designed for various applications in esthetic medicine. Our thermoplastics are used in a variety of non-invasive surgery alternative procedures that are aimed at enhancing, treating or changing the appearance, color, texture, structure or position of the cutaneous tissues and/or associated anatomical features.

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T-Tape Company B.V.

‘Truly European quality and innovation’
Low-temperature thermoplastics for medical and
veterinary applications


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