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Turbotreat Comfort NS

A generation of thermoplastic materials for molding masks that is aimed at increased patient’s comfort. The materials have velvet-like coating facing the patient’s face.

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Turbotreat Comfort NS Product specification


Thickness Dimensions
2,0 mm 60 x 44 cm
92 x 43 cm
2,3 mm 60 x 45 cm
92 x 43 cm
90 x 60 cm
3,2 mm 60 x 45 cm
92 x 43 cm
90 x 60 cm

Available Perforations

There are 4 different perforations available.

Non perfo
Perfo A
Thickness Non perfo Perfo A Micro Multi
2,0 mm
2,3 mm
3,2 mm

Available Colors

There are 2 different colors available.

Thickness Peach Blue
2,0 mm
2,3 mm
3,2 mm

Turbotreat Comfort NS Moldability Characteristics

Turbotreat Comfort NS Processing Methods

Turbotreat Comfort NS Images & Videos


Turbotreat Comfort NS Instructions & Downloads

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