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This thermoplastic material combines complete conformability and optimal stretch resistance. The material becomes transparent when heated in a water bath and super strong when it cools to the room temperature.  The smooth finish and ease of trimming of the edges ensure high control over the molding process. Easy to work with, comfortable for the patient. Non-treated thermoplastic adheres lightly to the patient’s skin allowing for more refined molding of the splint. Non-sticky variation of IMMO+ removes easily after splint formation (cooling) is complete without sticking to skin, body hair or bandages.

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IMMO+ Product specification


Thickness Dimensions
1,6 mm 60 x 43 cm
2,0 mm 60 x 44 cm
2,5 mm 60 x 45 cm
90 x 60 cm
3,2 mm 60 x 45 cm
90 x 60 cm
4,0 mm 60 x 45 cm
90 x 60 cm

Available Perforations

There are 6 different perforations available.

Non perfo
Perfo A
Thickness Non perfo Mini Opti Perfo A Micro Multi
1,6 mm
2,0 mm
2,5 mm
3,2 mm
4,0 mm

Available Colors

There are 5 different colors available.

Royal Blue
Thickness Peach Red Royal Blue Black White
1,6 mm
2,0 mm
2,5 mm
3,2 mm
4,0 mm

IMMO+ Moldability Characteristics

Transparency Transparent when heated
Memory Very good
Drape Very good
Stretch Moderate
Ease of finishing Very good
Bounding Good

IMMO+ Processing Methods

IMMO+ Images & Videos


IMMO+ Instructions & Downloads

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